Friday, April 29, 2011

Hater no more

I have a phobia called gymophobia. The symptoms include sweating, cold chills & mild panic attacks when going within 200 metres of any kind of fitness centre. Also including a major dose of bad attitude. Up until just recently I have been a major gym hater.

Now gyms aren't really scary at all, it's what you have to do inside them that scares the absolute crap out of me. Exercise has never been my friend which I guess is why I now wear pants so big you could smuggle a few small refugee children in them. My other major hurdle has been self esteem. I gave myself a talking to & out of respect to my own health & well being I decided I need to get over myself.

Last year my mother in law some how managed to con me in to going to Curves gym for women.
Curves is lovely, there's no hot boys to perv at, distract me or make me feel inadequate, the workout is good & the circuit is all set up for you. The other bonus of Curves is that the whole workout only takes half an hour which fits in with my busy life. But it all ended as soon as it started.
Bibs (my ma in-law) decided to leave me to my own devices & go back to South Africa for a holiday.
She left NZ & I stopped going to Curves. I actually did want to carry on but I got bored & complacent.

My sister has been going to City Fitness for a while now & she has nothing but good things to say about it.
She is like me in the way that she knows whats shit & whats not so I take her opinion quite highly. She thinks City Fitness is great & took me along with her for a free session.

Right away I knew this was the right gym for me (most of the staff I met were South African!) & so I have signed my life away to 12 month membership at City Fitness Nelson. I have high hopes & I think that's a pretty mint way to begin. I have great support, am in control of this weight watchers bizo & I'm now going to up the anti with the exercise on my mission to take my monster size child eating pants down to a more likable one-bum-only pant size.

Proud day for me, my first gym membership.
My mum really should get a copy of this pic & frame it because this is a miracle
I always thought gym folk were self absorbed posers. Turns out they most definitely are not & it was such a shit house thing to think. This was just me being jealous & insecure because I didn't have the lady nads to think it was something I could do too. People who go to gyms & work there are actually nice, empathetic & helpful & they certainly don't make you feel like a loser. They look at you with admiration because you are doing something positive to make your life better. And I like that.

Peace out!



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