Saturday, April 30, 2011


I don't know what compelled me to see this movie. Really.
It was absolute shit.

Husband & I decided to actually do something yesterday afternoon seeing as he was awake before 1pm for once & I wasn't working. I told him I was going to choose a movie for us to see. He didn't look overly excited about that prospect however upon advising him I'd purchased us tickets to see Thor 3D his eyes lit up.

It was a toss up between 'Paul' or 'Thor'. I chose Thor for a couple of reasons. I thought Blake might prefer to see it over the other select few, Natalie Portman & Anthony Hopkins were in it & so was Chris Hemsworth, a McHotty from ex Home & Away fame. He is a good specimen of man hotness.

The hour before the movie started was a bit of a rushed mess so when we turned up to the cinema I was grumpy & hungry. I was actually grumpy because I was hungry. For those that know me well this is not a good time. So I bought a box of popcorn from the Kandy Bar which I pretty much inhaled before the movie even began while Blake sat & watched on in amazement.

For those of you that don't know the story of Thor, it goes a little something like this.......

2 brothers, Thor & Loki. Their dad is the king of Asgard. Asgard is a real choice town but their town is always threatened by the big frozen giant guys. The big frozen giant guys break the security of Asgard's really fancy entry gate just as Thor is about to be crowned king & everything goes a bit munt. Thor shape shifts to the big frozen giant peoples town with his mates & messes some shit up in retaliation for ruining his crowning ceremony. The king of frozen town gets mad at Thor's dad (they have beef from a long time ago) & Thor's dad gets mad at Thor for being an arrogant wanker thinking he can save the world. So Thor's pa (Anthony Hopkins) teleports him to earth to sort his shit out & also takes away all his magic powers including his monstrous super powered hammer.

Thor meets a chick on earth, they pash. (This relationship forms with in about 5 minutes & never really goes anywhere. Boring! And totally not real) While all this is happening Thor's brother Loki discovers that he was snatched from his crib by his 'father' when he was just a baby. He realises his father isn't really his father & that he's actually the son of the slain king of frozen giant man town. He gets pissed & starts causing major drama. His drama is so bad that after Thor has had some down time on earth & gotten over himself he has to leave earth in a real hurry to come back home & sort his brothers mess out. A bit of punchy punchy & peow poewing & it's all over. Peace is restored, everyone is happy. Except Loki dies. But he was a dick anyway.

This movie was not good at all. Except the effects. They were okay. The 3D glasses made my head hurt. I think that may have something to do with the fact that I have a giant head. The Thor character was indeed quite tidy but he kept yelling everything he said like it was a statement. I found that annoying.
I was bored & couldn't wait for it to be over. I was also really thirsty because of the popcorn frenzy & I'd kicked my drink over & it rolled down under the seats in front of me. I couldn't stop thinking about my lost drink.

I would give this movie 2 stars. 1 for hot guy, & 1 for the effects. And I am being really kind.

Apart from the fact that this movie has been rated M, if you are a boy aged 9-12 (or giant man boy) & have an adult in your company, Thor 3D is totally for you.



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