Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where Art Thou?

I haven't been on here for a couple of months. I got caught up in life & lost my funk. My brain feels constantly tired & exhausted from my job that by the time I get home I struggle to string a sentence together. But I'm back with more things to say about nothing important.

These things have happened in my life in the last 3 months.

  • Massive killer earthquakes & tsunamis. I so glad my family & friends are all ok.
  • I've lost nearly 8 kilos. And I feel inspired & AWESOME. Although I hung out with my girlfriends last night & binged on junk & consequently feel like a bucket of ass today.
  • I made red velvets cupcakes for the first time. They were frickin choice.
  • My best friend moved away suddenly . I am sad. But I'm happy for her. Just sad for me. Dam me being so selfish. I hate that I can't see her all the time.
  • My favourite band, the Foo Fighters, released a new album & it's so good
  • We celebrated out first wedding anniversary
  • We paid off our car. YES!!!!!
  • I made sushi for the first time. I still don't like it. Blake still does.
  • Made the decision to take a break from the band gigs for winter.
  • Got a pay rise. Yay me!
  • Blake became a NZ Citizen & also decided to forgo the pleasure of being a meat eater. WTF. I'm adjusting to this new lifestyle of his slowly. I've made it quite clear that hell will freeze over, completely melt then freeze over again before I stop eating meat. It makes me strong like bear & I just find it so so tasty. The thought of never eating a juicy big steak, roast lamb, crispy bacon or one of the colonels delicious drumsticks ever again makes me weep on the inside. Big ups to him for committing to such a feat. As his wife I've decided to try some veg recipes & support him 100% even though I think it's completely whack. Just so you know I have chucked tantrums over this wanting to be vegetarian business. As each day passes I'm getting used to it. Kind of.

    Pledging his alleigence to good old NZ
    I had to look real hard to see if his fingers where crossed behind his back
    Doesn't he look stoked about becoming a kiwi!!
    I'm smiling nicely but on the inside I was mad because my new spensive bag was broken & I was also a but concerned at the possibility of having to take care of a native plant I'm holding. I don't do folliage.
  • Started & completed a beginner Yoga course which I loved.
  • Gave up drinking coke zero. It makes me feel poo.
  • I've started jogging. Well we call it 'wogging'. I walk a lamppost then run one. I actually look more like I'm walking fast & having a fit at the same time. There's is no way to jog elegantly. Logistics & gravity work against me a little bit but I do what I can. It gets my heart pumping & it's something Blake & I do together.
  • My beloved black Havianas got slightly munted & died a terrible death when I decided it would be easy as to go hiking in Abel Tasman wearing them. FYI, wear practical shoes. Jandals are not a good idea.
  • I've started spending more time with my sister Hayley. She only lives 5 mins from my house yet I was only seeing her pretty much once a fortnight. That's pretty crap really. 

Hails & me
I don't forget about the people I love. I just get too tired to make an effort. I' m moving away again early next year so I'm making it my mission to spend more time with my family before Blake & I leave, & less time being consumed by work & gigs.

I'm at work at the moment. It's raining & town is busy. It's Easter & people tend to freak out because the shops close for a day. Enjoy it I say. Save some money, get your pj's on, watch movies & eat loads of veg soup. That's what I'll be doing the rest of the weekend.

Peace & love


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