Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hold your babies close.

I don't have any children yet. But I do want to be a mum one day in the future. Cos I reckon I'd be a kickass mum. My kids may be slightly unhinged, with a penchant for setting native shrubbery on fire & fucking kicking people in the backs of their knees, but mark my word, they will be awesome.

And you can bet your ass that I will love them fierce. Even when they hate my face so hard & think I'm a bit of a dick. I will teach them to laugh & appreciate every moment of their life.

I also want to teach my future crotch rockets that it's completely okay to cry & feel compassion & sympathy for strangers suffering their own tragedy.

Kinda like I did this morning.

There was fire in a mall in Qatar. 19 people perished. 3 of these people that died were 2 year old NZ triplets, Lillie, Jackson & Willsher Weekes. They were in the care of a child care centre located within Doha Mall.

Source: ONE News

As I sat on the couch this morning, applying my outside face & getting ready to tackle my outside world, I watched a news report of an impromptu vigil held in nearby park in Qatar for those that died in the fire. 1500 people attended. Including some ex-pat kiwis & Martin & Jane Weekes, the devastated parents of these 3 beautiful babies.

As 2 ex countrymen stood holding a large NZ flag, a group of New Zealanders stood before a sobbing Mr & Mrs Weekes & sung a waiata & performed the Haka. In times of darkness we rely on each other for love & support. To lift each other up. Ya know, like the Lion King. You can watch the news report here. For a full version of the Haka please click here.

This ripped me to pieces. I cried so dam hard.

I don't know these people from jack, but I am completely heartbroken for them. Cos babies shouldn't die. Not before they've had a chance to share their spark with the world & experience the joys of life.

I don't really have much else to say today. Except wherever you are in the world today, spare a quiet thought for Jane & Martin.

You don't know them, but that doesn't matter. Cos it's okay to cry & feel compassion & sympathy for strangers suffering their own tragedy.

And this my friends, is a tragedy of epic proportion.

Hold your babies close people.

Peace & love

P.S I will be back with Fun Becky & Asshole Sessions Part 3 later this week. It's going to be a cracker. 


  1. as a mum of one I have no fucking words. hug the ones you love x Claire

  2. so true.. never stop telling those you love that you love them, cuz you never know when they'll be gone.

  3. I read this in the news yesterday - when something like this happens you can't help but cry. It's the worst sort of tragedy. Yes, hold your babies close ... and if you don't have any, like me, protect and care for all children, no matter whom they belong to.

  4. Oh shame shame, so sad. I'm holding my boys. And I think you'd make a great Mum also.

  5. As has become my mantra since the sudden death of my sister last year, "Never miss an opportunity to say I Love You". You never know when it may be your last.

    You will be a fabulous mom

  6. Oh man. This is such a sad story. Their parents must be just destroyed. I am in tears over here. I just have no words. Things like this stab my cold black mom's heart and makes just a little emotion eek out. But really, I feel for the parents and just don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to my boys. I hugged them this morning when I left work, but I will be sure to hug them extra tight when I get home.

  7. That is too sad for words... I just gave my kids extra lovins. It's important to remember how much they mean to you, even when they are acting like assholes.



  8. Your blog doesn't like me.. it won;t let me comment. I'll try again though. That fire was horrible, just horrible. I have 3 kids and can't even begin to imagine what those poor parents are going through. To lose one child would be heartbreaking, but to lose 3 at once, horrifying to even imagine.


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