Monday, January 31, 2011

2 things I learnt today

1: I am so much nicer at work when I've had a few days off. I am relaxed, organised, pleasant to the people who pay my wages & just generally a nicer gal. This however won't last long. Usually 3 days. Then I turn back into the grumpy stressed out version of myself. Oh I am still organised & pretend pleasant, although on the inside I am roaring like an angry angry bear. As of the 23rd of Feb I am going to be learning Yoga & am going to start boxing. I am hoping the Yoga will teach me to self-calm & the boxing will be an outlet for all my anger & negative energy. Here's hoping!

2: On closer inspection of the photos in my last blog, my head is indeed larger than my husbands. We have been arguing about this for so long. He always tells me that I have a giant noggin. I guess he is right. And I really don't like admitting that.
B xox

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  1. I can definitely relate to what you are saying - not the big head part - the angry bear towards the end of the week - specially when I am driving. Thanks for putting another smile on my face Becky - really enjoy reading your blogs


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