Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Years!!

I can't believe it's 2011 already. I hope everyone had a kickass new year. I worked but it didn't really feel like working because I had WAY too much fun. We played at 623 In The City for 4.5 hours & it went really frickin fast. Everyone was happy drunk & had a great time.

The happy revellers at our new years party 2010

The band. I'm not sure what I'm doing but after 16 hours of work I was stoked just to be still upright.                 

Me & my best mate Kylie.
One thing that I found really odd this new years was the amount of angry women around. One of the bouncers got punched in the face & kicked by a girl who got mad because she was refused entry into the bar due to the fact she was way too drunk. Read the signs dickhead. If you are too intoxicated, the big boys on the door won't let you in. And P.S, punching them in the face won't help your cause either.

Upon leaving at 3am, another of the bouncers was caught up in an argument with another young lady who claims that she should be allowed in the bar because back in Christchurch (where she was obviously from) they let her in at 3am. He attempted to reason with her, explaining that in Nelson everything closes at 3am not 6am, only to be met with more verbal abuse & threats of violence. She stood in the doorway for a good 20 minutes yelling at him before telling him to go f**K himself & giving up. She was never going to win anyway. 

This year I would like to lose 20kgs, keep this blog going, try make a baby & save $20,000. No-one ever got punched in the face for having big dreams ay.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Peace & Love,
Bex xo 


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