Monday, October 3, 2011

Winner Of my kick ass prize for September is............

With all the excitement of spending my entire weekend being a lazy ass whore, I forgot to announce the winner of my True Blood DVD giveaway.

You will be pleased to know that I got my shit together this morning, mainly because I'm being paid to do so at my place of work, & I have some results.

That be this person......

If you haven't read this guys stuff, I suggest you do. He cracks my shit up on a regular basis. A very talented writer, has a mean sense of humour, & he has an equally funny/charming wife. I plan on stopping in for an orgy cup of tea & a scone next time I'm in England. Read his genius shizz right here.

One thing I love about this blogging lark is making new friends. The love & admiration I have for all you guys is big man. Like massively big. You are the sunshine of my life (that's right Stevie, you were bang on with your genius lyrics).

Mr Social Assassin, please email me your address & I will get your loot in the post to ya.

Right I better go do some work. It's Monday in my world. And while I am not totally ready for the bullshit that normally rains down on me on Mondays, I have my fists of rage clenched & ready to punch it in the proverbial.



  1. O...M...G!!!!!!! ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.... I am so stoked right now!!!! I'd like to thank my manager, my support crew, my beautiful wife, I'd like to thank God, (sobs uncontrollably)... you're all such beautiful people, I owe this award to you all for your support and love........

    No, seriously, I'm mighty happy. Mainly because my prize doesn't involve poo. The wife and I look forward to giving you a bloody good sconing in the future - I've e-mailed you my address so you know where to cum. Come. Both.
    And thanks for calling me funny. That's some pretty high praise right there from a woman who once made me snort hot coffee out of my nose. Hope monday never saw it coming and you caught it right in the ballsack. Much Love, SA :)

  2. Thanks for yet another one of your awesome blog friends to share! I will be stalking your prey in the future. :D

  3. Damn Social Assassin I wanna cum too.........

    Trust me True Blood & Cuming go hand in hand......mmmmm Alexander Skarsgard

  4. Social assassin rocks. He gives good comment. And head, too, albeit from afar. Congratulations on winning!

  5. Between you and your friends, I laugh my ass off all day. Thanks! Oh, and Bonnie, I am totally with you on that one. He's delicious.

  6. As someone that's known Mr Assassin for waaaaaay too long, I'd like to convey my congratulations to the big cunt himself.

    Well done, Kev.

    You great big cunt.



  7. Jody, I'm tearing up just reading that.

    Please use more lube next time.


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