Monday, July 11, 2011

A brief message from the spirit world

Becky died yesterday. From a hangover.

After spending her entire Sunday looking like this munted old turtle.......

FYI Reptile Lovers - He isn't really dead. He's napping.

Because she drunk too much of this evil shit..........the silly silly whore

And it may also have had something to do with the fact that the Internet stopped working for a whole 24 hours & the rage fuelled shit fit that ensued caused her to burst an angry important head vein. She loves the Internet THAT much.

It was a bad time. But on a happier note, Blake, her sexually depraved husband, managed to get his end in. Hurrah!

Resurrection is planned for later today if she can hold her head in an upright position.

In the mean time she has requested that I leave you with this picture of some funny monkeys.The one on the left is trying to eat his own ass, the other is playing background tunes on his didgeridoo.
These guys know how to party.

On closer inspection I think our guy on the left may be giving himself a golden shower? Fun.

P.S Big shout out to my bitches Miriam & Stacey for kick ass night out. Oh & I got the job. Two words. Fuck yes! Actually a few more words......I am so happy that I won't have to live under the bridge & go dumpster diving afterall!!!!!!


  1. Oh how Im drooling at the site of my two favourite drinks!!!

  2. one of those drinks would make me die a million deaths, what job did you get?

  3. Congratulations on the job and surviving the hang over!!! We may have to repeat that night ;)

  4. Internet outages have driven me to alcoholism more than once in the last um... anyway! Congrats on the job!

  5. You are helping me broaden my vocabulary. Next stop: to look up "munted". MY internet wasn't working, either! How bout that? Yeah go ahead and poison yourself silly, with that junk. So long as you don't do pudding teeth again.

  6. Hooray for the new job! Hope you didn't have to start today. :p haha

  7. Agree with do pudding teeth again and we are gonna have a fuckin' problem.....hahaha

    Congrats girl, glad everything is working out for ya, now we just need to get your man to start eating some meat!!

  8. Woohoo and congrats on the job :)

  9. Congratulations on landing a new job whilst nursing a Godzilla-sized hangover from getting ripped to the tits on strong liquor the night before. And to your husband for taking advantage of a woman while she was drunk and defenceless. You're both more English than I realised ;)


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