Monday, July 4, 2011

Why I didn't write a blog post today.

I spent a huge part of my day writing a bloody great blog post. It was epic. Wikipedia worthy type awesomeness. People would have talked about my shit for weeks.

And then....... for reasons unknown to myself, my itchy trigger retard hand got all up in my business & deleted it.

Before I even knew what was happening it was ALL GONE. Including my Slim Shady style crap rap about being a Vigilante Seagull Exterminator. And my kick ass photo of a flame thrower. And the photo of the dumbest bird in the world that I thought was trying to eat my face off when I was on my honeymoon.

Gone. Dissipating in to the black stink hole of the Internet universe never to return again.

FUCK YOU AUTO SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And because I have a 10 second Tom short term memory, I can't remember a fucking word of it.

So there I sat, with my sad face staring in to the blank blog screen. Piss mad at my rogue hand for doing something my brain didn't tell it to do. That muthafucking hand. So bad ass.

For the time being I will leave you with a photo I took of a Zebra at Pilannesburg Game Reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa last year in March. It's a good one.


P.S I don't make a habit of taking photos of animal dick. I didn't notice how excited the Zebra was by my womanly presence until I got back to NZ & was showing the photo's to my mum.


  1. I have a similar photo of a horse/donkey on girl guide camp from when i must have been about 10, attractive

  2. I took a similar pic at the age of 12 but it was attached to the white water rafting guide on a school trip! Whoops my bad he he:)

  3. Love watching animal dick. The best dick I have ever seen is this thing from Central America called a tapir. It's long, twisty and has a hoof-like thing on the end. I discovered it at a zoo in Chicago when I was a teenager. My friends and I just stood there watching this hoof-thing move around like a snake, going up, back down, curving to the right, going up, back down.

    After awhile a zookeeper came over to us and asked if we had any questions.

    "Umm....what is that?" somebody asked.
    "That's exactly what you think it is."
    " does"
    "The female of the species has a long and winding birth canal."


  4. That dick pic would fit in perfectly with my Mental Monday's post from today....god great minds think alike....
    Too bad about the rap, I would have fuckin' loved to hear that shit

  5. Aww. I'm sorry, Bex. *smothering giggle* It happens to all of us! : D

  6. @Punkbaby - do you still have it?

    @Emma - You naughty minx. Do you still have it?

    @Wagthedad - get the fuck out! I know the Tapir. I have yet to see Tapir dick in my life though but it is now on my top 50 list of shit to do before I die. Cheers bro!

    @Bonnie - We are two of the same Bon. And I will rap for you one day I promise.

    @Bettyzade - Lesson learnt ;)

  7. All is not lost. We still got a picture of a zebra dick.

    Didn't think I'd see that when I rolled out of bed this a.m.


  8. I have a friend who likes to randomly send me kangaroo sex videos, I think you've just given me something to give back. Maybe I can start with, "I know how much you like these..."

    So um... mind if I borrow you zebra dick (picture that is)?

  9. @Chubby - My pleasure. I am happy to be the one to dickafy your day x

    @Angie - Your friend is awesome. btw do you still have those videos? Borrow away. I want to share my zebra dick photo with the world.


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