Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm A Winner Wednesday Week 6 is.........

Yay for Miss H!! Who happens to be my younger sister Hayley. After months of following my blog she has finally figured out to post a comment. Dudes it's not easy, I know this. It's harder to decipher than the Divinci Code.

Anyway my sister doesn't live in my house so therefore is eligible to enter if she pleases. Just so you know it's not a set up, please see evidence below.

After much consideration, I've decided to make some changes to Winner Wednesday starting this Wednesday.

On the first Wednesday of every month I will announce the prize up for grabs, which will contain a multitude of cool shit. Not just one item.

The competition will run until the end of the month & anyone who comments on any of my posts for the entire month will go in the draw. Yep we are upping the anti folks. I can't make this winning business easy. And I'm talking like multiple entries. Booya!

You MUST be a follower of my blog & can only have one entry per post. So even if you comment a thousand times on one post it won't give you a thousand entries. Capiche?

I know ya'll are really struggling to contain your excitement right now, it's buzzin me out.

Anyway, I want to give big sloppy thanks to all my long time followers for sticking with me over the past months & getting your comment on. If you haven't won anything yet, don't be disheartened, because you have won my love. And that shit is like gold dust. Just ask Disco Stu aka my husband.
Please don't send me hate mail. I have sensitive feelings.

Now, you know already how much I fucking detest seagulls right, well this morning I was awoken to a seagull fight club going on outside my bedroom window. Some intelligent human that works at the restaurant next door to the motel overfilled the garbage bin which had in turn splayed out onto the road outside our apartment. Those gulls fought yo. They fought hard & long & FUCKING LOUDLY at 6:30am this morning.

It's a mixed breed fight club too. Obviously racism is not an issue for seagulls.

After laying there listening to the competitive squawking & angry bird screaming  for 2 hours, my rage overruled my yearning for a sleep in. So I got up & went outside to attempt to restore some sort of order to my quiet Sunday morning without the use of a weapon.

This isn't easy for me as my natural intuition is to cap the fuckers. But unfortunately in my country you go to jail for harming wildlife & shooting shit in public. Blah blah blah law abiding citizen & all that. Personally I don't think seagulls are classified as wildlife. They are the hobo's of the bird kingdom.

They all basically scarpered when I ventured outside but a few lingered for some much sought after photo opportunity to try & up their rep within society.

It's now 11am & they are still going at it. Only the hardcore fighters linger. I've lost interest.

Before I sign off for the day, big snaps & WELCOME to all my new blog readers. I vow to keep my shit funny.

Goddess of funny, Noa Gavin at Oh Noa featured me in her Funny Bitch Friday post which excites me to the point of delirium. She is funny as hell!! And it's an honour & a privilege to be in such excellent blog company, along with the rest of the League of Funny Bitches.

Peace out!


  1. What a gross mess they made. Totally sucktacular way to wake up. We have magpies out our window. Most annoying birds ever.

  2. hahaha damn. thats a bitch to have to sleep so damn close to all those annoying birds!! but you got a laugh out of me from it all. :)

  3. I love how fiercly you try to deny what is obviously a hideous case of match fixing.
    haha, just joking, but I do love your pictures of the seagulls, very funny!

  4. You have restaurant garbage right outside your bedroom window?! Shitty! Guess you're never opening the window for a cool breeze, huh? Smelly!
    Seagulls are evil. One dive bombed me once, snatching a french fry I had in my hands. He about took my fingers off. It felt like there should have been blood.

  5. I feel your pain Bexstar. Living on a small island, I am never far from a flock of flying rats, and fully appreciate the irrational hatred their cries can evoke. Frankly,there should be some kind of relaxation of the gun laws in our countries, since carrying a large net and a club gets tiresome at social functions. There is of course the old trick involving bread, milk and paracetamol, but if you don't know it I'm not about to mention it here in case Greenpeace set up a trade embargo around my front lawn. Congratulations on a funny-as-hell blog, I'll be back for more... seagull kamikaze missions allowing :)


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