Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Double Downing It

When the media started going apeshit over the Double Down burger, I nearly peed with all excitement. We didn't even have it in NZ at that stage but it made the prime time news & everyone was talking about whether they would or wouldn't nail it. Well people, the DD has landed on our fair shores & I will be trying one. And unless you live in a little rock house in The Shire or are from a religion where TV/radio/anything electronic is a no no, it is common knowledge that this burger is so hot right now.

Nutritionists/dietitians have majorly bagged it (fair call), many have claimed they will never let this calorie laden terror pass their lips (liars), chronic junk munchers are literally creaming over it & then there's the likes of me, I shouldn't really but I bloody will. I heart KFC even though it's a rarity in my life these days. As a long time fan of the colonels secret herbs & spices it would be rude not to have a crack at it.

Look at it, what is there not to like? 2 chicken breasts, 2 slices of cheese & crispy bacon. Shit yes! 604 calories & 34 grams of fat (7 teaspoons). To give you an idea of just how bad it is, I would have to do 60 minutes level 5 incline/5.5 speed on the treadmill to burn this off. But I'm prepared to risk it.

On the Weight Watchers pro points plan I get 38 points a day. It's basic science & maths. Also kind of like have a daily money allowance. You just have to budget well. I like this programme because it means I can have the things I like from time to time. And I can try this bloody burger. I'm not going to bust a lady nut to have it, but I will have it some time in the near future. Does anyone wanna go halvies?

The DD feedback I've heard has been positive & no one has died yet. Good job.

And FYI, the weight watchers pro points valua for a DD is a whopping 16 points. Eat & weep suckers.

Have you Double Downed it yet? If so, what say you?



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