Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silicone Skin.

I just bought a pink silicone keyboard skin for my laptop.
Because I saw Kim Kardashian had one on her Sony Vaio & it looked pretty.

UPDATE: 11/5/11 - This is it. It's just way too cool to not take a photo.

Somebody please take me out back & beat the shit out of me now. I have turned into such dick. In my defence though this is a purely practical purchase.

Actually speaking of dicks, the non penile kind, I read something on facebook tonight that got my blood boiling.

My sister in law Megan is stunning. She is a real South African beauty. She has popped out two equally beautiful children & has figure I would sell my left tit for. She goes to some woman's event this evening & is told by a personal trainer guy that she is overweight. What drugs is he on?!! But apparently her heart rate is good. THANK GOD because her heart will need to be good after you have just told her she has a non existent giant flabby arse to contend with. One rule in life if you actually want to survive all that is woman, NEVER, I mean never, under any circumstances tell a woman she is overweight. Unless you are crashed in the Andes & trying to draw straws on who to eat first.

I remember once going to the doctor to have a pelvic examination. He was a locum filling in for my usual doc because he was away on one of  his many annual holidays. The locum claimed he may have trouble feeling my pelvis because of how 'chubby' I am. My mum was with me & I looked at her & said with my eyes 'did he just call me chubby?'. She nodded. Hello yes I know I have weight issues & everything is wobbly but how dare you call me fucking chubby you baldy old git. The examination ended quickly. I am positive he was a fatophobic. He was almost too revolted to touch me. I left the doctors feeling like absolute shit & really pissed off. I know I'm heavier than I should but calling me chubby is just being rude.

People who work in the health industry need to have a certain degree of respect & tact when dealing with all of their clients. If my sister in law is carrying extra weight then I am buggered if I know where she's hiding it because I can't see it?

In a world where you can now get plastic surgery on your kooka & people are obsessed with beauty is it any wonder women all over the world literally kill themselves trying to be the perfect version of themselves. I like who I am even though I'm 'chubby'.

Love yourself Megs. Your are perfect just the way you are xx



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