Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whoops, sorry I slipped

Today I was advised by my superior that I will be allowed to take leave for 2 whole mother flippin weeks from the 16th of May. I haven't had 2 weeks off since there were more reptiles on the earth than people.
In all the excitement I went a bit mental with the credit card & bought the following.

This little beauty is from fourfontaine.
My old lady purse has lost it's appeal & needs an upgrade.
Actually it's fine but I just like this one better.

I purchased the sequined drapey jacket from City Chic.
I can see this being a staple part of my wardrobe that I can wear with so many things.
It better be good because it is going to cost me some sexual favours.

My sister said don't buy any more jeans right now because they won't fit me soon.
Sorry sis but a girl needs more than 2 pairs of jeans to get through winter.
These are 'rocker' (yes that's right, rocker) skinny jeans from City Chic.

I don't actually have a shopping problem. I just admire nice things & am easily excitable. When I get excited I usually eat, vomit or spend money.

I haven't quite decided what I am going to do with my 2 weeks off. The options are endless. I am contemplating deserting the husband & heading off to Wellington for a few days to see my bff. When Kylie & I get together we usually eat, vomit & spend money. We were so meant for each other I swear.

If your boss told you you could have 2 weeks off what would you do?



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