Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday night fetish

When I was a little person I loved musicals. Like straight out creamed over them. Well as much as you can cream when you don't have boobs yet. I wanted to be little ginger Annie & live in the big mansion with Daddy Warbuck & Sandy the dog. I knew all the songs from The Sound of Music & on boring Sunday afternoons I used to round up the hood rats from my hood & put on amateur performances of that particular musical for the parents. All under my direction of course. I also used to pretend I was Mary Magdalene from Jesus Christ Superstar & my Italian neighbour at the time, Spiros, who's feet used to smell like pasta sauce, used to play John Farnham's part. You get the idea......

Annie in the orphanage

That lady & the Von Trap children

Fast forward to my future self. I would rather have a grenade full of tacks shoved up my jacksie than sit through a musical. I blame my journey to adulthood. It changed me.

I hate ALL musicals. Except for Glee. I know. What the fuck.

Every Friday night, it is unwritten law in my household that I get all control of the TV between the hours of 7:30 - 8:30pm. There is no compromise. If anyone dares to challenge me, the mother of all shitstorms reigns down in Becky town.

I watched the first episode of Glee purely out of curiosity. The crew on the E channel were all up in Glees ass & I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. First impressions, being the devoted musical hater that I am, were less than average. I sat & yelled for the whole episode about what utter shit rot it was while Blake watched on in amusement. Yet the following Friday night, there I was, sitting on the couch with baited breath waiting for the next episode. I just couldn't stop myself. It was like discovering a new type of crack.

The thing I like about Glee is that it covers all the bases. Bullying, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, OCD, unrequited teenage love, sex & mainly how much it sucks ball bags being a teenager. None of that applies to me anymore seeing as I have now have fully lady lumps & a nicely serviced fan-dang-a.
However, in this majorly fucked up world we live in, Glee provides positive messages for young people & for that I am willing to be a non musical hater for at least 1 hour every week. Plus it just straight up makes me happy?

I am now going to bore you with a descriptive list of some of my favourite & not so favourite characters from the show.

I don't like Kurt. He has an unnaturally high voice for a brother. When he has a solo, I put the TV on mute because if I don't, I will probably stab myself in the ear with a screwdriver. Plus he cried like a bitch when the warbler bird died. It's fucking bird dude. Chillax.

The only thing about Rachael that's hip is the fact she has 2 gay dads. She dresses like a granny & is another character in the show that makes me mute my TV. The girl has a mean set of pipes on her but ick, constant emotional over sung ballads make me honk. Plus she is rat shit at keeping her men. FAIL.

Noah Puckerman the bad ass delinquent Jew boy. He oozes naughty cool & is a little man whore. If I was 17 & back at high school, he would be the guy I would want to get all up on. And he loves fat bottom girls.

Sue Sylvester, the severely unhinged coach of the cheer leading team. She is my hero. Her acid tongue taunts & harsh one liners are pure gold. She stole my heart right from the very beginning when she said "I'm going to ask you to smell your armpits. That's the smell of failure & it's stinking up my office" & her chronic overuse of the name 'Butt chin'.

I love Mercedes. She's like a black Mariah (even though I actually hate Mariah). She is a sassy take-no-shit diva & when she sings I get a little bit excited on the inside. Her voice gives me goosebumps.

I also love Artie. Anyone that can still dance better than me whilst confined to a wheelchair is the bomb diggady. Plus he has lovely teeth & sings like a man angel.

I told Blake if he ever told anyone that I am a religious follower of this programme I would rip his lips off & use them as a headband. However, I am beginning to discover that I'm not the only grown up that hangs out for a dose of this show every week.

Tell me, are you a Glee Hater or A Glee lover like me? There is no wrong answer to this question. I promise I will never write about Glee again.

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  1. You know my thoughts on Glee....but then in saying that after a weekend with Keinan road tripping and him buying the whole series of cd's from the seasons I am a bit of a fan of the way they collate the songs and put them together in their own way....this be the end...I laughed when i 1st watched it and not sure I am quite at the point of being a follower but ya never know!

  2. I hate Glee, but at the same time I love it too, is that wrong? I hate myself.
    BUT I LOVE Sound of music and Annie, and sang Knox to sleep yesterday with tales of doey deers and girls that are 16 going on 17. You forgot Grease Best.Movie.Ever

  3. Frign love glee! espec brittany's dumb one liners...she was mad at her cat fr taking up smoking again...she's full on crazy (and if u haven't seen that ep its cause I'm naughty and watch them on ch131...

    p.s. this is katie as I'm too stupid to figure out how to post my name

  4. As much as I think we are alike, this is DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES.....I hate Glee & I hate musicals, sorry but i still have love for you.....xoxox

    Does White Christmas count?.....I like that....hahahaha

  5. Glee is on my dislike list cant stand the show what so ever, yet I dont mind the odd disney movie with all that musical crap in it...

  6. I can't stand musicals. When we were kids, my younger sister used to torment me by watching Grease, Annie, Wizard of name it...ON OUR ONLY TV. I will never go see Rent, Wicked, Cats...ANY of those things.

    Glee is ok in about 5 minute doses, once in a blue moon.

  7. I watched the first season and then had a baby - now i don't have time for anything!

  8. There is only one musical episode to rule them all: Buffy The Musical! - most brilliant piece of television ever! What is very tragic and we will all watch out of morbid curiosity will be the upcoming Greys Anatomy musical episode...

  9. haha I love Glee and get absolute shit for it. Only complaint is it needs some decent eye candy.
    Ps it's Tatia if my name doesn't come up :P

  10. I watched the first show on a plane to Germany and on the way back home to NZ they had the next 17!! on and I fell in love! :)

    I agree with you on Kurt, he always gets muted here too. My favorite is Brittany, she is so hilariously dumb! Adorable :)


  11. LOVE the kid with the mohawk. I feel like such a dirty old lady when he's on the screen! The unhinged lady coach makes the show. It just wouldn't be there without her. The sun shines out of her bunghole. Nuff said.

  12. Ben is a Glee fan so have kinda had it forced on me...i dont mind it tho, especially puck (HOT!!). I agree with your character assesments apart from sue, i have a love/hate thing with her depending on the week. Generally I cringe at the thought of musicals. Emma

  13. I have been known to leave the room, even the house if someone turns Glee on...
    This might have something to do with my 11 year old brother from another mother in Christchurch being obsessed with it and there is no way in hell that I can watch even begin to like something he likes...
    He is also fans of the mighty Justin Beiber && High School Musical...

  14. I LOVE annie! And chitty chitty bang bang! absolutely love them. I also like glee tooooooo but dont really watch it that often.. But you are awesome and ur blogs are awesome too xx

  15. I love love LOVE glee, and so does my hubs! I'm like you, I loved musicals when I was little. Also, yes. Puckerman is major man candy.


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