Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shady Lady Legs

I started shaving my pins when I was about 11. It wasn't intentional but I was always a bit self conscious of the dense blond fur growing on my little lady legs.

My BFF at the time Miss Tasha was my partner in crime. We used to do all sorts of random naughty shit when our parents were at work which included smoking tea leaves, oregano & whatever else was in her mums kitchen herb selection. Smoking was cool & we wanted to do it. I also got my fingers stuck in an electric beater once when we were baking something. She held the beater while I screamed my head off. It never occurred to either of us to turn the thing off. I still have all my fingers so no harm done except now I have a weird fear of electric beaters.

One day when her mum was at work & we were left unsupervised, we decided to shave our legs with some rusty old orange Bic razors that we found somewhere. I think they were even dude razors?

The nasty cutty 'dude' razor
Being a hair removal virg I had no idea what I was doing & when I got home that day I got a major blasting from my mum about the cons of shaving. For example, when you shave your legs the hairs grow back about 100 times as thick & mostly not blond, which if left untended will leave you looking like you've turned into a wolf child. It's a high maintenance business & I was probably slightly too young to take on that responsibility.

20 years on & I have to admit there have been times when my legs get severely neglected. Mr D is so in love with me that he doesn't care that much at all when I turn into Mrs Wolverine for a few days. If he does mind he never complains about it.

I've accidentally cut myself a few times. We all have leg slicing horror stories. The non stop bleeding bastard nicks that need to be wrapped in a whole roll of toilet paper yet still bleed through an hour later. One friend of mine from high school nearly carved her leg open whilst shaving in the bath with glandular fever. Apparently the bathroom looked like a crime scene. She will still have the scar to prove it I'm sure

Bleed no more women of the world. This Venus shaver below is the bomb-digs. I have been using it for over 5 years & not cut myself once. I am a clumsy heavy handed shaver so trust me, to have not cut my giant lady hams in 5 years is flippin amazing. Because of this miracle non cutting ability it possesses I feel the need to tell everyone about it. Even the disposable ones, which I am using right now rock my hairy world.

If you have rebellious young lady daughters please have one of these razors strategically placed in your bathroom because they will go a hunting for a razor one day for sure. If they do, this is the razor you want them to find. My eldest niece shaved her legs when she was 10 I think? Poor girl has been burned with the same blond hairy leg genes as her mum & I. She got teased about it so took matters into her own hands.

Reality is, in inexperienced hands any razor has the potential to cut. In my own personal experience, & I've tried most razors, this one is the best.

Anyone have any gnarly shaving horror stories to share?

Happy shaving pretty ladies! Knowledge is power. Bx

Please note: I'm not being paid to promote Venus Razors. I just like them. Capishe.

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  1. When I first read "pins", I was like "WTF!??" Then I quickly caught on that it was a term for legs...gams if you will. ;)

    Thanks for reminding me that it's time to shave. I too love Venus razors. Schick is quite excellent as well. Thankfully, I stopped mutilating my legs years ago. Although, there was that one incident when I tried to wax my own legs. Never, never again.


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