Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farty Party Pants: The Aftermath

I'm not dying. And my bowel isn't herniating into my stomach. Well at least the doctor at our local accident & emergency doesn't think so.

The triage nurse was a puss-faced be-atch who told me about 20 times that I should have gone to my GP.
Which I would have except I couldn't actually get an appointment with him. Seriously you would think I was trying to organise a dinner date with Lady Ga Ga. It's THAT hard.

She made me feel really stupid for going there & that I was completely wasting her time. She was also quite disgusted when she asked me what painkillers I'd been taking & replied 'nothing'. Don't be a hater lady, maybe I don't like munching ibuprofen/nurofen like m&m's. Her stink attitude really pissed me off. I was genuinely concerned about my well being & I couldn't get in to see my usual doc, where the hell do I go if I can't go to A&E?
"The emergency doctor down the road" she says.
"And are you going to give me the $80 to go & see the emergency doctor" I ask her. She doesn't reply. She knew she was beat.
I pay extortionate amounts of tax, I was in agony & I have every right to go there. End of story.

The A&E wasn't that busy so it wasn't too long before the doctor called my name. She was from Tasmania (I don't judge people) & was quite booby & bum-ish like me (I liked her straight away) & she had rad trainers on. (100 bonus points)

After a 30 minute interrogation, pregnancy test & general jiggery pokery of my belly she sent me on my way with a prescription for some vomit inducing potent antibiotics that will maybe but also probably won' get rid of an infection that I may or may not have. What the hell does that mean? It was like having a conversation with the backwards man. According to Mrs Tassie with the rad trainers, it could be a number if things but because I look healthy & don't seem to be dying she will try me on antibiotics first. When I was in South Africa last year I could have picked up a bug in the water which can hang around for years if left untreated. If the antibiotics don't help ease the madness in my gut I have to make an appointment to see.....you guessed it......my GP.



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