Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm A Winner Wednesday: Week 3 is...........

Thanks to all you cool bitches for entering!!  I don't even have the words right now to verbalise the shear awesomeness of all you crazy cats. MIRIAM - I have given your prize to your dad this morning x

So anyway, on Friday I had 52 followers & to put it as politely as I only I can, I was FUCKING stoked yo!AND I have gained 7 more in the last 24 hours. Whats drugs are you guys taking!!! Loves xx

This writing bizo gets my juices flowing, the good juices, & I'm really diggin it. I've established some new homegirls from around the world, especially a lady from Canada, her names Bonnie Fat-Be-Gone & she is whack like me, except on the down low cos unlike me she doesn't want to scare her readers. We're both sexy bitches, striving to find the smaller version of ourselves within the ample skin we have attained, & I have decided we are cosmic twins.

Keep commenting on my shit. I love reading it. Nothing pleases me more that waking up in the morning finding I have a few new followers & comments. It makes me want to urinate in my bloomers.

One of my readers said she's too scared to comment because she never has anything funny to say. To her I say this, just say hi, you rock my party, & I love you but not like a leza. (not that lady loving is at all bad because I LOVE my gays). I don't sit & read your comments & think to myself, man what a retard. I'm just elated to the point of insanity that you choose to read my shit.

If anyone wants to contact me, you can do so by emailing

And now I will leave you with this picture of a funny monkey

Mad loves!!


  1. Dear Bottom Becky,

    Yeah those 8 followers came from my blog posting with your can thank me when you come to Canada smuggling a Koala and a Tasmanian Devil in your suitcase.....

    Oh and don't forget the guns.....

    Bon xoxo

  2. Oh snap... one more found her way here from bonnie's page... ;)

  3. @Bon - You know it! I will be packing major heat but your customs fellas might not let me through. And thank you for the new blog followers. Sharing is caring xo

    @Poison - Welcome! May you enjoy the madness of my little blog world where no topic is taboo. Except for sex with animals.

  4. Hmm what happened to my post?

    Anyway, just saying THANKS! The CD is awesome, love Jessie J!!!
    and the pistols are in the freezer :)

  5. Your "shit" is the funniest "shit" I read each day. I LOVE it. And you wonder why you're gaining followers? Come on! You're hilarious!

  6. Just keep it coming with all those crazy sayings and expletives. I am going to write them all down and when I get enough, I will write a blog on them!


I love reading your comments. Comments are sexy.