Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm A Winner Wednesday Week 5 is................

Nan S from somewhere on the planet that I'm unsure of at present, congrats, you are this weeks winner. Please flick me an email to & we'll get your prize out to you asap.

Shit guys. Like shitty shit shit shit, 76 followers!! This pleases me more than having my boobs fondled. And I really like that. I met a blog fan last night at the rugby. Her name shall now & forever be Richard Rachael. I hung out at the rugby with her & my sister in-law Murray Megan. Richard says to me (please keep in mind I have never really met her before & ignore the fact that her & Murray had consumed 2 bottles of wine before the game) "I don't even know you but I love your blog, I read it ALL THE TIME". I was elated to the point of explosion. I wanted to hug the shit out of that little bitch. She then told me that her friend who I also don't know follows me as well & she loves me HARD. I was all like 'get the fuck out' & she was all like 'east side to the west side muthafucker' & I was like 'yeah I have no idea what's going on now'.

Anyway I hung out with these 2 girls for majority of the game. There was a lot of swearing, like seriously, I have a whole new respect & love for my sister in law. She has a mouth on her like a fisherman's wife. I never knew. I was sober. Tired Becky & alcohol don't blend well so I chose to abstain from partaking of liquor.

Me, Megs & Rachael
They will more than likely stone me for putting this on here x
 WELCOME to all the new readers. You guys give me major wood. Like the biggest wood EVER!! If you have any questions, or just want to chew the fat, flick me an email

Yesterday I met Paul Henry. What. The. Fuck. I KNOW!! He was dressed like Austin Powers in a royal blue suit & I told him he looked rather dapper. He said, 'how many dudes you know roll like this Bex?'. And I said ' you know what Paul, not many, if any'. And he said 'How many dudes you know got the skills to go & rock a show like this?'. And I said, 'uh uh uh uh I don't know anybody'. As he was walking out the door he said "Bex I love your blog more than my own children". Actually he never said that. Nor did we quote the lyrics from Scribes 'Not Many, If Any'. But if he did read it I bet you he so would.

FYI - For my blog gangstas all around the world, Paul Henry is a dry humoured funny as hell New Zealand TV broadcaster. Or should I say, he was. TVNZ fired him for calling the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit (pronounced de-she), Sheila DICK SHIT on live national TV. His lack of political correctness & I don't give a dam attitude is what made most of NZ love him. He may not be on TV anymore but I still think he's a rad bastard. If anyone is interested you can read all about him HERE.

The rugby game was a bit of a non event for me. No scrote shots but it didn't stop me, much to my husbands dismay, from yelling out 'show me your scrot Smitty!!' when John came on the field. He so heard me, I know it. Along with everyone else within a 1km radius. I was awesome.

Afterwards, most of the crew I was with buggered off into the city to party. Blake, his BFF Wops, Claire & myself decided to head home. But not before doing a lil' bot of stalking. It's the one & only time this South African team will play in our city, would be rude not to.

I don't have patience. None. SO the stalking idea wore off for me after about 5 minutes when I all feeling disappeared in my feet, hands & nose due to extreme antarctic-like cold. I started to chuck a tantrum but the 3 South Africans I was with were having none of my shit. They wanted to touch some rugby players.

We went around to the back of the changing sheds where the bus was waiting for the team. I saw Richie McCaw & Justin Marshall but couldn't get close enough for a photo due to the unruly mob in my fucking way. Plus I'm just too cool. I don't like getting up in famous peoples business. Unless it was John Smit but he'd already left by the time we made it over there.

Blake got a couple good shots of Sonny Bill Williams. As he got closer to me I yelled out 'Yo Sonny, I'm married to a South African but I still love you bro'. He looked right at me, gave me the head nod, & said 'Cheers babe'. Blake wasn't even mad.

Good god this man is sexy

Then Blake's best bud & fellow SA boy, Wops, got a photo with The Beast. I have no idea who The Beast is but everyone else knew so I got excited too. Wops was stoked. You can kinda tell by the massive shit eating grin he has plastered on his mug.

The Beast & Wops

I took a million more photo's of the game, again sadly no scrot shots but ladies I did try hard. I got one of SBW picking his nose & heaps of bums in the air scrum shots. I will be blogging about them this week I promise.

I have a great prize lined up for I'm A Winner Wednesday this week so if you aren't already following my blog, as in your little face is not a little square picture off to the right hand side of this page under 'My Gangsta Trippin Home Girls & Boys' then DO IT. You MUST be an actual follower of this blog in order to win. It's  the rules yo.

For now I will leave you with this picture of some funny monkeys touching bottom.



  1. "dick shit"... *facepalm* oh shit. And what's up with that monkey's butt? In proportion to the monkey's size it reminds me of my high school principal....

  2. haha That sounds like a spectacular night.

    I always wondered how that last name was pronounced...and now I know. Thanks! (There was a Professor Dikshit at my university.)

    P.S. Thanks for that baboon's ass. That's going to be hard to get out of my head.


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