Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Ayla: My little christmas tree

Today before you called in the office I was borderline ready to jump the counter & stab someone with a pair of scissors. Yes things are that bad & I'm losing my mind.

But you waltzed in dressed like a German Fraulein teacher from the 1940's & suddenly made me feel a little bit brighter & a little less psycho. And thank you for showing me your hideous reading glasses. Only you would be excited about the old lady spectacles you bought from the op shop.

You see Ayla, you possess a quality that no one else I know on this planet has the lady balls to possess. You dress like a complete mental & do it with pride. And I mean this with an abundance of love.

Your dress sense shares with me your many personalities. To date we have had the breakdancer, the bra on the outside/burlesque type outfit, fluro tights with metal band t-shirt (the purple tights are my favourites) & the plethora of second hand store dresses that smell faintly of cabbage soup & mothballs. I will never forget Christmas eve day last year when you came to work looking like a Christmas tree. Forest green ball gown, red cardigan, bright red lipstick & red hair. My heart swooned.

I have always admired your 'fuck you attitude' towards society & rule makers. And I secretly loved how you never wore your uniform to work even when the ginger fox told you it was unacceptable.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you how I feel. You rock my party, in a non lezo way. Oh & by the way, I would like to except your invitation to get my crunk on at your party next weekend. However I will have to turn down the offer of pastries. Got to watch the weight you know.


Bex (your averagely dressed chum)

P.S You better wear something fun or I'm not coming.
Oh & the op shop dresses never  did smell. I commend your laundry lady.


  1. Your my Ayla.....thanks for being my first follower on my recipe blog....I need to find you the ugliest apron in the world so you can work it for me and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks......maybe something with guns?

  2. @Rachel - Yes we do!! Just like iron, B12 & vitamin C.

    @Bonnie - A gun apron would be awesome! You know I would rock it. Plus I love to pack heat in the kitchen.


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