Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When technology goes bad

This is just a quick post. Something random just happened that completely defies the law of all things normal.

First of all I just need to clarify that I do not own any Lady Gaga. I don't have any on my laptop or in my house. She frightens me.

Today when I get home from work I turn my precious on (the laptop), plug the headphones in (night shifter hubby is asleep) & when I open Google, Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' starts playing through the headphones. At first I thought ok maybe Google search page is playing Gaga today, that's new but no drama. Except when I navigate away from that page to Facebook & it still keeps on playing? So I close the internet. Gaga keeps on singing...."oooooooohohoh oooooooooooooh caught in a bad romance". I check to make sure itunes is closed, yep, media playing isn't open & playing, yep......still Gaga keeps on "I want your love & I want your revenge, you & me could write a bad romance......."
When the song finishes, no more music. I have no idea where it came from?
Maybe my headphones channelled into some radio waves from a music station or something? it's weirded me out. And I've shut the headphones in the bathroom. I think there's a poltergeist stuck inside them & I don't like them anymore.


It's my new hairdryer. Half price even. Too cool. I am clapping like a seal right now with a crazy assed grin on my face. Oh I love to shop, shoppy shop SHOP.

I also bought this last week. Because I don't have a nice black handbag. Fair enough? This was on sale at StrandBags, the old lady bag shop I rarely frequent. I was originally quite taken with a leopard print bag. I actually paid for it then realised the 80 year old woman beside me at the counter was buying the same bag. I punched myself in the face for even thinking a leopard print handbag was a suitable choice then turned around only to be met by a glowy shiny light from heaven with this bag floating inside it. A little voice in my sub conscious said "Go on by this one instead. Leopard is so shit house". So I did.

Oh Oh & I bought a new hair brush. No more hairy dildo brush for this kid. I felt the need to provide evidence.

Now go, enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. I'm glad you got rid of the hairy dildo brush. It scared me too. ; )

  2. I am sooooo in love with your bag!!!!!

  3. @BettyZade - I feel like a new woman & it doesn't try to rip pieces of my scalp off like a Mohican warrior.

    @Kye - My new bag loves you back x

  4. sometimes when you click on a webpage it pops up a little ad seperate to the webpage that plays music or adds or what not, this happens alot when you *cough illegally cough* watch tv online

  5. It's the spirit word telling you that you need more SEX.....bad romance????.....spice things up girl, maybe you should have kept the dildo brush?.....hahahahaha

  6. Oh, where do I begin! I love your sassy blow dryer. Definitely makes for slightly more exciting mornings.

    I love your new handbag. I was looking for something like that myself. Btw, there is nothing wrong with leopard print. I love leopard print. Probably a little too much. My biggest fashion mistake was buying a pair of SHINY leopard print pants. (Stop laughing. It was the late 90's.)

    I too have stopped a purchase mid-transaction when a 60+ year old woman asked me where she could get what I had. Obviously I'm a senior citizen in disguise.


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