Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm A Winner Wednesday: Week 4 is.................

Congrats to my beautiful friend Bonnie over at fat-be-gone. You are this weeks winner (Random number thingy picked number 11). I will send that shit out to you asap. From the land of the infamous farty boys Terrance & Phillip of Southpark, I have found my cosmic twin Bonnie. She is mental & I love her. She is also on a weight loss mish like myself & is kicking big bunches of ass. She inspires the shit out of me!! Check out her blog. She's not vulgar & cuss happy like me but secretly she is actually a dirty little bitch. I know this because sometimes she says things to me that leave me speechless. And I don't shock easily.

This week in the life of Becky has been average. Good average. I lost 500g at WW which pleased me as I have been busting nuts this week to get back on track. I've found trying to break out of this fatty funk plateau I'm in, harder than trying to light a fag in the hurricane.

I didn't punch the bitch who has been trash talking me in the head either. My self control is similar to that of Jesus. I am also trying to fight off sickness. I don't get sick. This is my mantra. However even the hardiest of souls get their asses handed to them by a head cold sometimes. Things are looking positive so far but I woke up this morning with nose leakage. On the grand scheme of things, this is a lot better than having anal leakage. Just saying.

I spent time with my sister & her uber gorgeous human growth, Kaitlyn on Friday. That's always a good time. I'm off to see Bridemaids at the moobies this arvo with my blister. I've heard good things about it from a viable source (my BFF Kylie) but mainly I just want to DO something on this otherwise rainy, grey, shit house Sunday. Something that doesn't involve me sitting on my couch in my pj's all day hoovering down any food I can get my hands on like a malnourished African child.

Oooh ooh & I made it onto Oh Noa's League of Funny Bitches top 15 list. Thanks to everyone that voted for me. It's an honour to be listed with those other bloggers because they are funny ass m*therf*ckers. Especially the one & only funny bitch with a dick Wag the Dad. His shit never ceases to make me laugh.

I will leave you with this picture of funny monkeys performing cunnillingus. Good times.



  1. Excuse me while I whip out my conversion app to see what the hell 500g is.....
    Just over a pound! Congrats! Better than a sharp stick in the eye.
    Also, your welcome... I voted for you in the League of Funny Bitches. You had me at "pissflap". *sigh*

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyy Meeeeeee......thanks for the goods bitch, can't wait to get em....
    I hear Bridesmaids is hilar, your gonna have to do a review...

    ps. I wish I was the monkey on the bottom....I enjoy getting my salad tossed!

  3. Damn, I am totally going to start putting my weight loss in grams. It sounds awesome! Congrats on your 500g loss. (However, I will not put my loss in kg, because it sounds un-awesome.) I can't believe you don't get the same milestone charms from WW. What do they give out for 10% goal?

    The evil bitch in Christchurch is someone that is from there, came to Canada (ruined it) and then left. Thank baby Jesus for that. haha She was just an evil ex co-worker. I don't dislike many people -- I'm kind of Mary Poppins like that -- but I really didn't like her. But get this, she had a closeted lesbian crush on me. True story. She would literally grab my lady bits when we were at work. Uggh.


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